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Vietnam 1968


Photos of 3/27

                                            H&S COMPANY


                                            Cau Ha Perimeter Post 23 - Western Berm of the Triangle                           

 Doc Clawson, Ted Mendenhall, David (Limey) Kincaid  

David "Limey" Kincaid, David "Doc" Clawson, Patrick Wyatt

Doctor Jack (Lefty) Goff  (3/27 Battalion Surgeon) 

Pfc Mike Lipari, L/Cpl Henry Corcoran, L/Cpl Andres Mendoza, Cpl Steve Heller 

Down-Time, Go Noi Island 

Sgt. Omaha Suesue, Cpl. John Conlon

Bn. Sgt Major Robert Snyder         Sgt Maj. Snyder; 18May68, Go Noi 

Sgt. Rodolfo Perez, 106's: KIA 5 Aug 1968    Val Villarreal & Sgt. Rodolfo Perez  

Ermilo (Val) Villarreal, Andres Mendoza at Tu Cau                       (Unknown), Val Villarreal, at Cau Ha western perimeter berm 

Security Post 23 on Cau Ha western perimeter berm   

Sgts. Smith - Ron (S4) & Fred (S2) at Camp Margarita   

 Villarreal at Tu Cau Bunker

Alfa6 Recoilless Rifle Position 

Dana Harper, Andres Mendoza                      Sgt Dana Harper & Friends with Mendoza 

Andres Mendoza and Friends - Alfa 6        Andres Mendoza at Alfa6            Andres Mendoza at Tu Cau, 106's 

Villarreal, Perez, Mendoza, Others 

HM "Doc" Price swimming with Sgt. R. Perez 

Who is this Marine? 

Steve Heller 

Sgt. Jerry Kline & S/Sgt Edward L. Parker (Comm. Chief) 

Sgt. Jerry Kline & Capt. Robert Anderson 

Ray Chandler, S2 Scout  

Sgt. James Scott, Cpl. Steve Petry, Sgt. John Gookin 

NCO Club Manager (Unknown), GySgt Donald F. Carey 

Cpl. Bob Banks, Sgt. Jim Scott, LCpl Larry Mole, LCpl Krepp 

Cpl. Bob Banks, Cpl. Steve Petry, Sgt. Gookin, Unknown

Sgt. Will Westerheide Repairing Radar Unit - Crow's Nest (3/27 Basecamp at Cau Ha can be seen under the arrow) 

The Climb to the Top of The Crows Nest (#1; Generator Mechanic, Unk.) #2 & 4 : Sgt. James Scott ; #5 Sgts. Will Westerhide & James Scott

Tom Fuleky, Sniper 

Ray Chandler, Rico (Last Name ?), Ted Mendenhall, Terry Henson, Joe DeCorte 

Loading Up For Op. Allen Brook 

Sambos, O'Brien, Henson  

Two Gunnys:  Frank Smith, John Martin  

Two Sgts.Smith: Ron (S4) & Frank (S2) at Camp Margarita:   

S-2 Vietnamese Scouts  

Robert Fisher  

Bill Crawford  

Post - Allen Brook Briefing Outside the Bn. Aid Station 

Milford Daniels  

Cpl. Mark Simpson 

Sgt. Joseph Perez  

S-2 Scouts / Snipers  

Ted Mendenhall  

Capt. Anderson, LtCol. Woodham, Engr'g Platoon Commander-Go Noi land clearing operation      

Capt. Anderson-Go Noi Island     

Terry Henson,  Terry Rigney (S2)    

Bruce Dillingham & Gary McDickens 

Fred Stuebe, 81mm Mortars 

Sgts. Jerry Kline & George Hight 

Robert  McCochran Boarding C141 at El Toro 

George Hight, Bruce Dillingham, Edmond Long

 Nguyen Quang Tri, Chieu Hoi  (ex-VC)   

Terry Rigney                  

Lt. Col. Woodham on Go Noi 

Dan Stires, Harry Chamberlain, Comm. Plt., Sept.'68 at Hill 34

Lt Col Tullis Woodham CO 3/27

Lt Col Woodham (on phone) and Major Fitzgerald on Go Noi Island

4th Section81's:  Lower=Anderson, Bozeman,Willis; Top=Gonzalez,Somerville, Prediado, Unknown

 Ray Delgado

 Ray Delgado on Mule 

Col. A. Schwenk, CO 27th Marines at Liberty Bridge

Blas Preciado                         Blas On Tour 

Tafoya, Bozeman, Carmichael

L/Cpl Donald LaLiberte (S-1) 

                                        INDIA COMPANY


                                        Members of India Company with captured Viet Cong 122mm Rockets

India Co.

Bob Simonsen 

Mike "Doc" Lutz 

India Departs for Go Noi 5-13-68 

Duane Givens, Charles Whyte (KIA 28 May 1968), Ray Fisher 

Machinegun Team: Pritchard, Wilke, Clark, Alexander, Boyle 

Capt. Tom Ralph, Jr.- India Co. Commanding Officer (KIA 17 May 1968)

Bill Prish & "Doc" Newman (of the Bn. Aid Station) 

Paul Wood and Howard Wardell

Jim Howard on Amtrac with M60 from chopper downed on Go Noi 

Jim Howard, Paul Wood 

Ray Fisher, Steve Easton 

Gerald Harbaugh, David Schettl (KIA 17May68); Michael (Doc) Stewart in rear with M16 

Ray Allison 

Tom Hanson driving; Jim Howard leaning 

Raul Fonseca, Keith Maxwell 

PFCs David Bellamy & Thomas Boyle (3rd platoon) taken at Marble Mtn POW Camp 

Unknown 3/27 Marine & David Bellamy aboard USS Repose 

Unknown India/3 Marine known as "Ski" at beach near Amtrac base 

Steve Easton

Sgt. Jose Chavez at Camp Faulkner (SeaBees base) April 1968 

Doc Lutz & Carlton Hinden  

Thomas Boyle & Larry Carpenter at POW Camp near Marble Mountain  

Robert Burke (center, facing camera)in Boot Camp           Burke & Drill Instructor      Pvt.Burke(front)Preparing For Inspection      Robert Burke  

V.P. Spiro Agnew presents the Medal of Honor to the parents & family of Robert Burke, April 1970, at the White House   

 Robert Burke with Mother 

Al Ciezki    

 Andrew Boyko      

Terry Lynn

L-R: Bernal, Bryant, Neilson, Fonseca,Whyte, Birch, Maxwell,Gonzalez, Cox(rear)  (1st Platoon circa 1 May 68)

Co "I" Boxing Match (2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon)

Tony Orozco & John Hazlewood     

(Rear)Paul Wood, "Doc" Michael Stewart, (Front) Tom Mills, Tony Orozco (KIA  5 Aug '68)      

Tom Mills, KIA May 28, '68   

Ed(Frenchy)Thibodeaux (center) KIA19Oct68     

John George    

Merle "Joe" Thomas    

Dale Camp

Jim Howard 

"Doc" Price 

Capt. Jim Pinnick, Maj. Ernie Fitzgerald 

Mark "Kelly" Hage - KIA 5 Aug 68 

Bob Simonsen surveying the enemy-damaged Tu Cau Bridge 

1st Platoon Snoopy Flag 

B J Jones (seated left, in Bush Cover) ; Keith Landing (Center) - Can you identify any of these Marines?

Robinson, "Doc"? Wheeler, Ray Fisher, Ecklar, Mark (Kelly) Hage (KIA 5Aug68), Mike Vanderhoef  

Larry West (KIA 17May68), John Hazelwood (KIA 28May68), Gerald Harbaugh, David Hart  

John Hazelwood-KIA 28 May 68 -Op.AllenBrook-Silver Star    

India descends Hill 148 south of Go Noi Island, May 13, 1968   

Tim Davis


                                        KILO COMPANY


                                        Kilo Company forming at Camp Pendleton, one day prior deployment to Vietnam

Kilo Co Officers and Staff     

Kilo Co.

Wes Love 

Charles Huckaby & Ed Langan 

Dana Harper, Mike Cunningham 

John Barca, Jr. KIA 22 March 1969), and Mike Cunningham 

Mike Cunningham (Kilo Co.) and Jim Colella (India Co.) 

Mike Cunningham 

John Barca (3rd from left), Johnson (5th from left), Mike Cunningham (top, right) 

3rd Platoon, Kilo Co., leaving for patrol duty 

Charlie DeTorres, Tu Cau Machine Gun Bunker 

Mike Cunningham & Ricky Riley (KIA 29 June 1968) 

John Barca (KIA 22 March 1969), Mike Cunningham 

Henry (Last Name?)& Mike Cunningham 

Sgt. John Blazer (Co. K), Mike Cunningham (Co. K), Pfc Walter Pokrzywa (?)(Co. I) 

Dana Harper (with Carbine found in a rice paddy), Mike Cunningham 

Dana Harper - Looking West from Marble Mountain (Feb 1968) 

Can you ID this Marine? (first name John....) 

Mike Cunningham & ( ? ) Johnson (June 1968) 

Gary May on the Tu Cau Bridge 

Water Buffalo About to Charge Bill Murphy (not really) 

William Murphy 

William Jung and Gen Walt 

Jim Ludwig 

The Head at Kilo 

Garland Sisco

Bill Jung 

                                        LIMA COMPANY


Lima Co

Gilbert Muncy  KIA 5-18-1968

Sgt. James Najewski, 2Lt Gary Colpas, SSgt Ogaldez (2nd Platoon)

Lima Co. Marines on Break 

Lima Radio Man 

Doc  Jean (often called "Gene") Leitner, 2nd platoon Lima 

Sgt. Craig Jenkins, Unknown, Sgt. Dell Westover (F.O.),HM3 Arthur J. "Doc" Martin (KIA 11Jun69), Sgt. James Najewski,

Craig Jenkins (Left); John Koberman, Jose Salinas (Right)

Sgt. Jack Gorton, KIA Oper. Allen Brook  

Karl "Doc" Ostberg                          Doc Ostberg

Lt. Mike Ricci & Friends  

Craig Jenkins & Arthur "Doc" Martin (KIA 11 June 1969)   (pg. 1)

Doc Martin, Dan Dreger, Doug Holzhauer, Richard Pingley (pg.2)

David Johnson             David Johnson  

Martin Martinez  

Richard Pingley, Doug Holzhauer, Richard Aghamalian, Ed Mathis  

Lima Company on patrol

Art Riordan 

Joe Jackson at Camp Pendleton 

Charlie Butler (2nd from L), Dan Dreger (lower R) 

Lt. David Ellison 

Capt. John Ernest presenting individual honors after Allen Brook 

Gunny William Hoagland                  GySgt Hoagland on Operation Allen Brook 

Lt. Gary Colpas 

Sgt.Charles L. Dabbs    Sgt. Dabbs in Bunker 

Lt. Dave Ellison on Go Noi  

Lt. Ellison lending a hand to the Mortar Crew  

Resupply on Go Noi  

Combat Patrol  

Patrolling on foot  

Michael Little 

Craig Jenkins 

(L) Horace LeJeune Jr, KIA 4 Sept 1968 (R) David Burns

 Bill Daul 

 Doug Holzhauer & Dan Dreger

3rd Platoon L/3/27 early May '68

 Chuck Spencer & Friends

Capt.John Ernest & Friend

LTs Herman Jennette, Dave Ellison, Gary Colpas 

Goz - Bill Gostlin  

LtCol T.J. Woodham, Lt. Joe Renaghan  

Angelo Morales, Don Andrews, Doug Holzhauer

Chuck Spencer  

Jesse Spencer  

Harry Silvers & two Mamasans  

Ronald Root & Jesse Spencer 


                                                  MIKE COMPANY


                                                Company 'M" Officers - February 1968

Capt. Blake Thomas, Lt. Mike Zalipski, Lt. Richard Tilghman 

"Lost & Found" - M/3/27 Zippo style lighter 

M/3/27 Officers - Feb. 1968 ( Arty. FO officer is Lt. John M. Williamson)   

Edwin Velez 

Mike Co.

A Mike Co. Squad prior to Allen Brook   (2nd row, L-R:  John Hayes, Harold Brennan,

 Rich Buchanan, Dave Shell, Bob Dickey (far R rear)...  Can you identify any of the others pictured here in 2nd squad?)

Cpl. Bob Dickey flanked by two unknown Marines (Please identify)  

 Mike Swagerty (Top Center, With Camillo Arizola below & to Mike's right, Sgt Jim Ward standing far right in glasses) 

Richard Buchanan (driving)& Ray Delgado                   Rich Buchanan & captured AK47 

Doc Watson and Larry Frye

Ronald Campora, July 1968 

Sgt. Ronald Campora 

Jim Logan, George Rostron, Richard Pelkey 

1st Plt. Sgt. David Hein, Sgt. J. "LZ" Lozano 

Capt. Blake Thomas with M Co. medals recipients 

(Top)Tom Hubbard (KIA 5-18-68), Roger Dalton; (Bottom)Joe Mack (KIA 5-24-68), Rick Cottrell, Ron Pennell, Mike Stoppa 

Second Platoon, Company "M"  

Lt. Keith Soukkala, Rich Buchanan, Kenny (Doc) Walters

Sgt. Butch Walters

Homer (Butch) Wyatt at Marble Mountain

Butch Wyatt & Friend

Wyatt and Unknown

(Butch) Wyatt & Unknown

Cpl. Robert Dickey 

Mike Swagerty, Unknown Marine, Bob Dickey 

Mike Swagerty 

John Hayes, Mike Stoppa   

Top -  Unk., George Rostron, Orvil Oberreiter, Jim Logan, Jim Ward;  Lower - Unk., Richard Pelkey 

Welcome Back to Mike Company 

Elements of Mike Company the day before airlift to Nam  Do you recognize any of these men?

Tom Thuesen (?), Butch Walters, Tommy Tedesco (?) 

LCpl  Richard Belcher & Sgt. J. Lozano (Front), Gerald Mallon (Left) , Standing 2nd from Left: Jim Shiplett

Richard Belcher, attached to Mike Company;

Robert "Doc" Jones at Bn. Aid Station on Highway 1                  Photo Opportunity (Bob Dickey behind man with rocket)  

Doc Robert Jones, Company M Corpsman 

In the Ville (Gerald Mallon)                      It Must Be Saturday ( Gerald Mallon)

Marines at the Tu Cau Bridge (Gerald Mallon, Unk.)                      

Doc Jones, G. Mallon, LCpl Belcher :  Winning Hearts & Minds                            


Weapons Marines Gerald Mallon, Unk, attached to Mike Company                        

 Robert Dickey Outside Hootch

Mike Stoppa & Dave Shell 

(R) Roger Rowland, KIA 6 May 68 (C) Chuck Spencer (L) Jim Bringman 

LeBac(1) 5-26-68 (uncropped) 

 Le Bac (1) May 26, 1968                

                                        MISCELLANEOUS  3/27 PHOTOS


                            3/27 Base Camp at Cau Ha, Approaching From The North

 Amtrac Patrolling    

 Mounting out on amtracs                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cau Ha Base Housing                                                                                     
Captured NVA Machine Gun-Go Noi Island                                 

Cooling off at Tu Cau                                                                            
3/27 Cau Ha Base Hqs From the West            3/27 Cau Ha Base From the North 

3/27 Base Perimeter From the West 

Capt. Jim Foster, Air Liaison Officer - Calling in air strike

Aerial view of Go Noi 

Aerial view of Liberty Bridge on the Song Thu Bon 

Aerial View along the South China Sea  

Over-View of Go Noi  


Napalm drop 1June 1968, taken from 27th Marines Forward Command Post at Liberty Bridge 

Go Noi Island From the Air 

Viet Cong Tunnel 

The walk onto Go Noi 

After road grading operation

Recovering a Downed Chopper 

Tank Support 

Preparing to Board the USS Sanctuary 

Arc Light strike a few clicks away 

South Vietnamese Gunboat 

Our faithful mine sniffers  

Results of a 'missed' mine  

Direct Hit  

Don't even THINK of parking here  

Market Day ? 

Cau Ha Base 

3/27 Home, looking toward Marble Mountain 

"The Crow's Nest" at Marble Mountain 

The"X" points to the Crows Nest; Marble Mountain is the Big Hill to the Right. Alfa 6 is the Hill Behind the Crows Nest. 

Marble Mountain              Marble Mountain

Mike Cunningham & Friendlies at the Tu Cau Bridge 

Close air support after dark 

Dave Ellison with downed Navy jet 

A.G. Schwenk, 27th Marines C.O. (USMC Photo) 

3/27 C.O.s: LtCol T.J. Woodham (Vietnam), MajGen Donn Robertson (WW II) - USMC 1stMarDiv Photo 

Capt. Miles Keefe (shirtless), GySgt Martin (pointing at last night's Incoming)  

3/27 Base HQ  

Post 23, Perimeter: 3/27 Fire Base  

Resupply near Le Bac (1) May 25, 1968  

3/27 at Camp Margarita, March '67  

Minesweep on the MSR road                                                                

Noon Chow at Cau Ha   

Le Bac (1) after the battle (3 photos)   

Land Clearing-July-Go Noi Island

Liberty Bridge at Go Noi Island

Patrol out the rear gate

View of the Riviera

3/27 Command Operations Center (COC) Bunker 

The Hospital Ship "USS Sanctuary" 

Hospital Ship "USS Repose" off DaNang Harbor

Hospital Ship "USS Hope" off DaNang Harbor

Allen Brook Tank Support at Liberty Bridge

Kids of Tu Cau

Vietnamese Kids on Top Of The Crow's Nest 

Friendly Villagers with Mike Cunningham (June 1968) 

Looking East Toward the Leper Colony 

Village on West Side of the Tu Cau River 

Tank Patrol

This sign celebrates 20-7 (July 20? 27th Marines?) and states that "all the people strive to defeat the U.S aggressors."

Wreath found by minesweep team on 20July68 near 27th Regt. basecamp        

Road Leaving Tu Cau Bridge 



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