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1/27: It's Just a Nam Thing
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                   To obtain a 3/27 shoulder patch such as the one above, contact Dan Dreger at (248) 471-5683 (email:

The below shown Trailer Hitch Cover has a 2 inch square O.D. and is made of heavy plastic .  Price is $10. Contact Dan Dreger if interested.


The heavy duty license plate frames are available in chrome and black ; $12 each. Available at the reunion or by mail.


The above info & phone #'s will take you to Dan Dreger, offering for sale items themed exclusively for 3/27... Cloth patches, Covers,  Challenge Coins, Decals, Lapel Pins, etc.  A portion of each sale will be donated to the 3/27 Reunion Fund. Ask Dan for current prices and item availability.